MODE at the Youth+ Africa Conference

MODE was proud to be at the Youth+ Nairobi conference held on the 22nd to 24th of June 2016. This is a 3-day conference that brings together young leaders and social entrepreneurs across Nairobi City County. The conference aims to build the young leaders’ and entrepreneurs’ capacity for successful implementation of social enterprises in various communities.

Over the three days, delegates were able to access to highly specialized skills training from thought leaders and industry forerunners in leadership & social entrepreneurship such as, Julian Kyula – MODE Co-founder and CEO, Ciru Waweru – Managing Director of FunKids, Dr. Don Othoro – Director of Valentis Health and TerryAnne Chebet –  A senior news anchor On Citizen TV.

The Conference was in partnership with the Government of the Nairobi County, whose goal is to empower the young people in the county to become innovative entrepreneurs. The County Minister in charge of Enterprise, Mrs. Anne Othoro, advised the young people to know what they want to do, how they will do, and how they can grow their business.. She encouraged them to get mentors who will challenge them to better and better, urging them to become entrepreneurs because it was their dream, not because of money.

“If you have the wrong objectives for your business idea, then you are bound to fail”, said Mr. Kyula. He challenged the young leaders to be fluid, the ability to learn and execute change very swiftly and think creatively.

Youth+ Africa was founded in the belief that the underlying potential of African youth is in their innovation, ambition and integration of diverse perspectives towards creating solutions to modern-day challenges.

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