MODE wins the Brilliance in Recruitment and Retention award at HR Brilliance Awards 2015

It was an honour and a priviledge to lead MODE in entering and being awarded at the BOC, Emerging Markets HR Summit in November 2015 held at the Bentley Hotel in London. The Summit itself encompassed a 1 day Masterclass as well as a 2-day conference with speakers from various geographical regions and global conglomerates including:

  • Paul C Fama, Senior Leader, Organization and Talent Development, GE Global Growth Organisation
  • Sujaya Banerjee, Chief Talent Officer & Snr VP, HR – Essar Group
  • Robert Davies, Senior Visiting Fellow, Cass Business School

BOC Global Events and Training Group are a professional global event organiser and corporate training provider, dedicated to help organisations to create new market space or a “blue ocean”, thereby making the competition irrelevant who have delivered solutions to corporations worldwide including the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Far East Asia.

The innaugural HR Brilliance Awards took place 12 November 2015 at The Bentley Hotel, Kensington – London. The awards celebrated the outstanding achievement of the winning organisations.

While all this seemed extremely exciting, the application process was rigorous and intricate and involved filling numerous forms, showcasing not only MODE as an organization but our HR Processes and Procedures. The entire HR Team helped to put together the applications as we entered two fields: Excellence in Recruitment and Retention as well as HR Team of the Year


Within ten days we were informed that MODE had been shortlisted in the category of Excellence in Recruitment and Retention. The wait itself had been a nerve-wracking one up until that point but that sense of expectation and excitement only heightened after that. Again, up until this point, we had thought to submit our papers but had not thought to process any travel documents. However, at this point, with the very possibility of winning growing daily, we quickly decided that if we stood a chance to win, then we should at least be represented there.

To cut a long story short, we managed to travel just in time to attend Day 1 of the conference, and be present at the Awards Ceremony that day. The winners were announced after the day’s session and the judges were extremely impressed by MODE’s Business Model, HR Processes and low attrition rate.

Some of the feedback given described us as an organization as having a

Perfect display of great professional HR skills and ability to improve through feedback. There is clear evidence of innovation and a strategic approach with significant success in a short period of time. MODE, is an innovation company that specializes in providing revolutionary technological Value Added Service solutions to Mobile Network Operators across the Globe.”

The judges were looking for evidence of innovation and bottom line contribution through enhanced recruitment and improved retention. Entries could range from one- off projects in key areas through to the implementation of new policies covering all resourcing activities. Entries were presented in the form of a business case study supported by relevant metrics.

I must say it was truly exhilarating to win this Award. This was a lifetime achievement for me personally as well as a huge nod of approval for MODE! While only two members of the team represented the company, it must be said that this as entirely a TEAM effort with everyone pulling their weight. Special Mention to Mrs. Shiku Itambo who manages the team, Mrs. Arufeni Orawo who handles the Recruitment Docket and the rest of the HR and Learning & Development team at large. You are what makes this team shine.

Finally a big Thank You to our Leadership and Visionaries for believing in us and pushing us to achieve more and be better!

We are MODE and we believe in Infinite Possibilities.

I look forward to bringing home more trophies in 2016!

Beverly Chahonyo, Group Head of HR & Training

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