Shining Hope for the Community

It is said that we make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give. We believe in using what we have to change lives because giving is at the heart of MODE’s culture and has been practiced over the years in several ways.

One of our dedications is to Shining Hope for the Community (SHOFCO) which is an organization committed to impacting the under privileged community of the urban slums with its main focus being Kibera and Mathari. Among its several initiatives is a girls’ schools that are set to empower the next generation.

In Dec 2016, we organized to have a group of 30 younger girls (aged 6 years) visit to our offices for a day of fun. They were accompanied by three of their teachers. Some staff members were assigned a child whom he/ she was responsible for.

It was a day full of activity. They joined us for lunch, colored, painted and sang Christmas carols and receiving gifts from our very own Santa.

The hallmark of the day was when we had the girls and staff parents for the day leave their mark by placing their handprints on one of our walls which represented our ongoing commitment to SHOFCO. It is our intention to have this practice continue each year.

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