MODE’s mission is to provide access to financial services to all the unbanked by turning their sim cards into credit cards.



ACS provides airtime credit to prepaid mobile phone users. In our markets on average 96% of mobile subscribers are pre-paid. ACS is effectively a cashless micro loan, typically around $1.00 or less, which is repaid from the next mobile phone top-up. ACS allows users to continue accessing mobile phone services even when they have run out of their prepaid airtime, data or sms package and enables a subscriber to continue to stay seamlessly connected.
MODE determines the amount of credit each user qualifies for based on a range of criteria using our proprietary credit models. The users can access airtime as many times as necessary – as long as previous airtime advances have been repaid. This is an essential service for both customers and mobile operators. Users are able to make phone calls even when they run out of prepaid calling time, generating incremental revenue for mobile operators whilst increasing customer loyalty and reducing customer churn. MODE’s experience suggests that introduction of ACS increases average revenue per user (ARPU) by at least 10%.